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About Breast and Body Thermography Center

I and many other women are looking for a preventative method to help ourselves and our doctors. Breast and Body Thermography Center is here to point us in a preventative direction for our breast and whole body health. Thermography is an adjunct to several other diagnostic methods. Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is the only method available to “Visualize Your Pain!” and is safe for MEN and Women.

Results obtained with medical DITI systems are totally objective and show excellent correlation with other diagnostic tests. Breast and Body Thermography Center brings this new state of the art technology to Oklahomans.

Inspiring health through this new state of the art technology, Breast & Body THERMOGRAPHY Center seeks to educate and inform through suggestions, ideas and helpful tips on everyday self help lifestyle health choices.

Breast and Body Thermography Center Offers All services  in Spanish

Breast and Body Thermography Center has several thermography clinics in the greater metro and Norman areas including, Stillwater and Tulsa. See CLINIC LOCATIONS page for the exact location nearest to you.

“I’m grateful to have the belief and support off family, dear friends, business associates and many people in the State of Oklahoma and throughout the United States.

Thank you so much for visiting my site.

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